Adjustable SilverWedge Rack

The Adjustable SilverWedge by AirFlo dramatically reduces ice costs and labor hours required to clean and reset cases. The unit is adjustable to fit directly into any seafood case and eliminates the need for expensive stainless steel pans or rust-prone wire racks. The SilverWedge by AirFlo provides a cold conducting aluminum surface to help maintain ice and minimize ice usage. Many customers have reduced ice usage by up to 75%, and employees are able to spend more time merchandising and servicing customers. With the Adjustable SilverWedge by AirFlo, case cleaning takes less time and can be done more frequently.


  • Manufactured from high-grade perforated aluminum to prohibit rust and corrosion
  • Eliminates up to 75% of the ice required to merchandise seafood
  • Prevents ice from hardening into bulky chunks or blocks
  • Significantly reduces labor for resets
  • Perforated shelf-top drains oils away from product to help eliminate odors
  • Cold air conducting aluminum helps maintain ice Installs easily and is adjustable to fit any case


  • All standard racks are 23.75" wide
  • All SilverWedges adjust in overall depth from 26" to 35" in 1/2" increments
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SKU Description
000027062 / X5829LC 4"H Front x 8"H Rear x 24"W Adjustable SeafoodWedge Left Hand
000027063 / X5829RC 4"H Front x 8"H Rear x 24"W Adjustable SeafoodWedge Right Hand

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