Center Store Reimagined

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Carlson AirFlo started merchandising solutions the perimeter store departments and has evolved to solutions storewide. Merchandising solutions by AirFlo focus on elevating center store, providing shelving solutions that make it easy for customers to shop and select merchandise.

Our shelving display merchandising systems help the grocer differentiate themselves from the competition and create an opportunity for discovery of products for your customers.

Displays that create visual cues to capture the customers interest can help expand sales of private brands. Callouts of new products will leave customers with a positive impression of your store.

Creating innovative merchandising positioning of products will maximize the number of customers to view and select. Let AirFlo help you reimagine center store beyond traditional shelving.

Merchandising Solutions With Visual Impact

Build Brand Image. Create Competitive Advantage. Help You Get It Done.

Your store will be the difference, turning ordinary into extraordinary.

Innovation, excellence, always - by AirFlo.