Black Anodized Aluminum Filler Blocks

AirFlo’s Filler Blocks allow retailers to push product forward to make the retail display look full using less inventory, yet convenient for the customers to shop.

AirFlo’s Filler Blocks are made from aluminum to maintain temperatures in the refrigerated cases minimizing use of energy, resulting in reduced carbon footprint, and saving your store money.  

Displays that can keep products fresher help customers select your store over the competition.  The aluminum reduces the amount of wasted product because of its cold enhancing capability to hold temperature minimizing shrink and maintaining profits.

  • Better maintain sanitation levels by eliminating cardboard and plastic fillers and dummies
  • Eliminate need for messy case liner
  • Will not rust, chip or peel, due to the anodized aluminum finish
  • Perforated, cold air conducting aluminum enhances refrigeration, which reduces shrink
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Our Products


Adjustable Well Filler

Dairy & Frozen/ Deli/ Meat/ Produce

Perforated Filler Cube

Bakery/ Center Store/ Dairy & Frozen/ Deli/ Meat & Seafood/ Produce

Square Xtra Step

Bakery/ Center Store/ Dairy & Frozen/ Deli/ Meat & Seafood/ Produce

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