SilverWedge Case Drawing & Part Callouts - CD2001

Manufactured from high-grade perforated aluminum to prohibit rust and corrosion.

The Adjustable SilverWedge by AirFlo dramatically reduces ice costs and labor hours required to clean and reset cases. This SilverWedge design eliminates up to 75% of the ice required to merchandise seafood, by providing a cold conducting aluminum surface to help maintain ice and minimize ice usage. This can significantly reduce labor for resets and installs easily.

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Line Quantity SKU Dimensions Description
1 2 X5837LC/000027065 2"H Front x 4"H Rear x 24"W Adjustable SeafoodWedge Left Hand
2 2 X5837RC/000027066 2"H Front x 4"H Rear x 24"W Adjustable Sloped DeliWedge Right Hand

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