Corner Merchandising for Refrigeration Cases

Visual merchandising makes your store more enjoyable to shop by displaying and promoting your products. Innovative merchandising solutions result in higher sales and create a better shopping experience.

Corner Merchandising Units complete the look of your merchandising set by allowing a seamless transition. Maximizing the use of space with racks and shelving across an inside or outside corner increases sku capacity.

Creating a flow pattern for your customers journey makes your stores easy to shop, resulting in return visits. The most important reason for visual impact is to engage and inspire shoppers. This encourages them to buy more of the products you want them to, increasing your sales, margin and, return on space.

  • Utilize Space
  • Visual Focus
  • Seamless Transition
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Our Products


Inside Corner Rack

Dairy/ Meat & Seafood/ Produce

Outside Corner Rack

Dairy/ Meat & Seafood/ Produce

Inside Corner Shelf

Dairy/ Meat & Seafood/ Produce

Outside Corner Shelf

Dairy/ Meat & Seafood/ Produce

Merchandising Solutions With Visual Impact

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