Floral Merchandising

Excite. Entice. Engage.

Exciting visual merchandising entices customers interest that will engage them to buy.

AirFlo’s Floral Merchandising Systems allow flexibility in how bouquets, arrangements, and other floral products are displayed. Our floral display ideas generate sales for a quick ROI.

Customers purchase flowers for health such as decreasing anxiety, stimulating senses, boost creativity, and making you smile. Creative visual displays entice customers to select and purchase.

Engage with your senses. Floral scent allows customers to boost their mood and can trigger positive memories. Having grocery displays that are modular allows for strategic placement throughout the store. Our floral display carts are easy to relocate, saving labor and maximizing floral visibility.

  • Increase your revenue by offering fresh flowers in your retail location.
  • Captivate your customers to purchase
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Our Products


Cut Flower Displays

100117738/FMS FS13
Floral/ Produce

Decorator Cubes & Risers

100117687/FMS HX3
Floral/ Produce

FloralFlex Display by AirFlo

Floral/ Produce

Indoor Plant & Gift Displays

100118375/FMS MHB-HB
Floral/ Produce

Outdoor Floral Racking

100118504/FMS TSP
Floral/ Produce

Tools & Supplies

100119597/FMS CRH-12
Floral/ Produce

Merchandising Solutions With Visual Impact

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Your store will be the difference, turning ordinary into extraordinary.

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