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Our customers look to the future, they seek innovation to solve problems to build their brand, creating a competitive advantage. AirFlo is committed to your focus on change, on profit, on the future. Together we get it done. We are relentless in moving forward to design solutions for the new normal.

A better way to merchandise. Creating visual impact that unlocks visual cues.

Your store will be the difference, turning ordinary into extraordinary.

by AirFlo

Maximize your product appeal and boost your bottom line

Proper merchandising displays will help your stores create a customer experience that make you the retailer of choice. Our solutions take advantage of color, lighting, product placement that increase sales, reduce labor and reduce shrink.

When it comes to creating solutions that build your brand and keep your customers returning, trust the industry experts with over 47 years of experience at AirFlo.

We are relentless in evaluating the changes in consumer trends and engagement. This allows us the opportunity to create innovative solutions for the most complex retail challenges. These designs also focus on ease of install, product rotation and reduction of labor.

Our merchandising product displays can be used in multiple departments including produce, floral, meat and seafood, dairy and frozen and deli. By creating attractive displays your customers will engage with your product, driving sales revenue. Many display products that we offer reduce the labor needed at store level because they can self face.

AirFlo is committed to ensuring your sales and profits are maximized.

47 ﹢ Years

Since 1974, we’ve been driving change and innovation with quality, effective, grocery merchandising systems.

33 %

We increase shelf-life of fresh products with our 33% hole pattern to provide better air circulation.

Hear From Our Customers

Thank you, for your super awesome customer service and help.

—Blake Medley, Farmer's Market

The ELITE Self Facers are amazing! I wish I could tell you how many people I have told to stand in front of them while I unplugged the power supply to the lights and then re-plugged them in a few times to show them the difference! HA, the name speaks the truth, they truly are ELITE!"

—Joe Edwards, Roberts Company, Inc.

"The new system is perfect for our store -- easy to install and easy to take apart for cleaning purposes. And it looks fantastic."

—William Gooding, The North West Company

"AirFlo's Innovation is outstanding - I am never presented the same thing twice. AirFlo is always on the cuttiing edge and is always coming to the table with something new and innovative to support produce department needs."

—Max Maddus, Kowalski's Market

"AirShelves two benefits that add the greatest amount of value are improved presentation that supports driving sales. The functionality of the system to support the demands of a versatile produce department that needs to make changes on-the-fly on a daily basis."

—Max Maddus, Kowalski's Market

"Thank you so much for your help. I cannot tell you how much this means to us to have a vendor, as you, that will work with us and deliver"

, Safeway

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is - it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

—Scott Cook

“We absolutely love this shelf, from now on we will only buy the AirShelf.”

—Vinnie Latessa, Heinen's Fine Foods
"Working with Carlson AirFlo has been a wonderful experience. The products and equipment have been high quality and the service has exceeded my expectations.”
—J. Stewart, PWADC Birmingham

AirFlo's Commitment to Retail Partners

Our customers benefit from the AirFlo process: each is assigned a support team comprised of a National Sales Support who provides merchandising assistance, outstanding service, product guides, case drawings for easy installation, custom product designs as needed, and intuitive packaging of products for an organized installation.

We do this to help you:

  • Build Your Brand Image
  • Create Your Competitive Advantage
  • Help You Get It Done
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We Help You Get it Done

Solutions for Every Grocery Department

AirShelf Broccoli


Beautifully displayed produce drives traffic to your stores.

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FloralFlex Case


Create displays that make your customer purchase for everyday events.

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Maximize visual awareness with attention-grabbing displays.

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Glide Roller Shelf

Center Store

Reimagine Center Store beyond traditional shelving.

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Organic Fencing


We create designs for display that ensure your vision is being met.

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AirShelf Cheeseview

Dairy & Frozen

Merchandising solutions that influence demand and increase engagement.

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ELITE Prepared Meat


Prepared foods that are showcased make it easy for customers to grab-and-go.

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Curved CTM Shelving

Meat & Seafood

Displays that support meal planning to drive sales.

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Merchandising Solutions With Visual Impact

Build Brand Image. Create Competitive Advantage. Help You Get It Done.

Your store will be the difference, turning ordinary into extraordinary.

Innovation, excellence, always - by AirFlo.