Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of anodized aluminum equipment over powder coated steel equipment?

The powder coating on steel equipment can chip, peel or flake with everyday use, leaving the carbon steel exposed and extremely susceptible, particularly in the wet environment in most refrigerated cases. AirFlo’s ThinLine steel shelving is recommended strictly for dry, high density applications such as juice, single serve beverage areas, salad dressings, meals-to-go, meat and deli. 

Anodizing is the most durable, long-lasting shelf option that will not chip, peel or flake, particularly in misted or wet sections for longevity. Anodizing is not a coating, the dye permeates the top layer of the aluminum to ensure the underlying metal does not rust. Aluminum also has a lower specific heat than steel and will more quickly reach the operating temperature of the case. See anodizing video below: 

How will Carlson AirFlo's equipment help me reduce shrink?

Carlson AirFlo's equipment is designed to support an abundant look without requiring the mass quantities of merchandise. Instead of using layers of fresh produce to support the abundant look, the same look can be achieved with a much smaller quantity of merchandise. Unlike using plastic or cardboard fillers or dummies, AirFlo racks will not restrain the cold air circulation of the case ensuring that the product temperature remains the same.

How will Carlson AirFlo equipment help me increase my sales?

By eliminating the need for extra product to create an abundant look, Carlson AirFlo equipment reduces the chances of spoiled or rotten fruit being displayed, creating a more appealing look. In addition, Carlson AirFlo systems provide a different and more appealing display making your display more desirable.

How will Carlson AirFlo equipment help me increase profits?

Through a combination of increased sales and lower costs through reduced shrink, Carlson AirFlo equipment can help you increase profits in your fresh departments. Many of our customers experience a full return on their investment within weeks or months of installation.

Why is it important to provide refrigeration case model and make with every order?

Carlson AirFlo Merchandising Systems equipment is stocked in components and then assembled for each order to fit your specific case. With the correct case model and make we can ensure that your equipment will fit correctly inside your case.

Why is documenting the size of the mirror used in the case important?

The size of the mirror will affect the mix of equipment recommended for use in your case. Beyond simple fit, certain styles of shelving and rack are better suited for merchandising in a case with large mirrors. The presence or absence of a mirror is an important factor in determining the best suited merchandising system for your department.

What is the difference between a VERS shelf and a CTM shelf?

A CTM (CriticalTemp TM Mezzanine) Shelf is installed directly into the standards at the back wall of the case. A VERS Shelf is installed into a proprietary Calson AirFlo A-Frame system and will not install directly into the standards at the back wall of the case.

How can I change a shelf angle after installation?

The shelf angle on standard VERS and CTM shelves are controlled by the position of the bracket stub on the shelf. This can be changed by loosening the two nuts on each shelf stub, repositioning the stubs in the correct position and retightening the nuts to secure the shelf. There are 4 possible positions for a CTM shelf: flat (1st position), 10 degrees down (2nd position), 20 degrees down (3rd position), and 30 degrees down (4th position).

What is the difference between a rear hanging vertical rack and a swing arm vertical rack? Why would I want to use one versus another?

A swing arm vertical set is typically used in a case that has a mirror and merchandising above the mirror line is required. A rear hanging vertical makes a stronger connection in the back of the case, but looks better either without a mirror, or with a shelf above the vertical rack to finish off the set. In a pinch either version could be used with or without a mirror.

Why are there no specific part numbers listed in the catalog for corner shelves and racks and end units?

Corner shelves, corner racks, and end units are designed and built for a specific combination of case and application. A corner shelf designed for one brand of case will not necessarily fit a different case. AirFlo has a large library of custom designed corner shelves, corner racks and end units. If your combination of case and application does not already exist, our experienced team of designers can craft a solution that will fit snugly and cleanly in your case.

Do I still need to use case liner with Carlson AirFlo shelves and racks?

Case liner is not necessary when using Carlson AirFlo shelves and racks. The anodized aluminum finish is easily washed with soap and water and will not trap or retain debris and bacteria in the same way as a steel shelf or case liner. In addition, Carlson AirFlo anodized aluminum shelves and racks will not bruise your produce.

Why do I need baffles in my merchandising set?

Cold air is typically discharged from the rear of most standard refrigerated produce cases. Cold air is heavy and will follow the path of least resistance. Merchandising rack systems with a gap between the back wall of the case and the beginning of the racking system need a baffle to bridge this gap and allow for the cold air to circulate forward over the product instead of falling straight down to the bottom of the case. In many cases baffles will also work as a product backstop, preventing merchandise from falling off the back of a merchandising set.

Will AirFlo make custom products?

AirFlo has an extensive line of merchandising products that can be adapted to many different styles and sizes of refrigerated cases. There are always merchandising needs that cannot be met using standard equipment or times when you want a special product for that WOW presentation! Carlson AirFlo has a dedicated team of experienced designers that can help you create your masterpiece!