Self Facing to Save Labor Throughout Your Store

Saves Labor. No out-of-stock. Saleable position.

Self Facing Merchandising solutions allow staff to focus on the customer experience instead of spending hours facing product.

Having product in a forefront position gives the customer a no out of stock appearance.  This ensures you do not give your competitors a trial.  

Products in a salable position are more likely to get purchased.  Makes it easier for customers to shop and helps store associates spend time on value added store tasks that improve the customers’ experience.


  • Choose from a variety of products to enhance your shoppers' experience
  • Ensuring the shopper's products are faced and always in a saleable position will enhance their shopping experience and encourage a return for shopping at your store.
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Our Products


Base Gravity Feed

Dairy & Frozen/ Deli/ Produce
Prod_SelfFacerELITE-ELITE Facer

ELITE Self Facer

Dairy & Frozen/ Deli/ Meat & Seafood/ Produce
250406_gravity feed

Gravity Feed System for Shelving

Dairy & Frozen/ Deli/ Produce

Glide RollerShelf

Bakery/ Center Store/ Dairy & Frozen/ Deli/ Meat & Seafood/ Produce

Shelf Self Facer

Bakery/ Dairy & Frozen/ Center Store/ Deli/ Meat & Seafood/ Produce

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