Center Vertical Wire Divider for Vertical Merchandising Rack System

Create amazing, distinct vertical sets with AirFlo's Vertical Wire Dividers. These dividers can be used to provide category separation while also maintaining straight visual lines up and down your vertical display. These easily set into place to quickly form a barrier for product to maintain their distinct place in the set.


  • 6" deep wire dividers compatible with 6" deep perforated and solid horizontal dividers
  • 9" deep wire dividers compatible with 9" deep perforated and solid horizontal dividers
  • 40" long wire dividers compatible with 40" and 45" vertical merchandiser

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SKU Description
000026856 / X4236CFPB 6"H x 40"L Center Vertical Wire Divider
000026854 / X42369CB 9"H x 40"L Center Vertical Wire Divider

System Drawing Examples

Visualize your space with the assistance of technical drawings that shows a mini model perspective of product use.



Rear Hanging Vertical

Dairy & Frozen/ Deli/ Meat/ Produce

Vertical Wire Divider


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