Wet Rack Vertical Set - CD0040

Vertical RackSystem for Wet Produce Rack Displays

Create eye-catching produce displays with AirFlo's Vertical Produce Merchandising System. AirFlo's Vertical Produce Merchandising Racks produce a stunning visual effect by creating a massive produce display without using excessive display inventory.

Produce displays from Carlson AirFlo can help you transform and organize your products. Shop now and call a customer service representative to answer any questions you may have concerning AirFlo's equipment.

Wet Rack Vertical Set-CD0040-1_L
Line Quantity SKU Dimensions Description
1 4 X3207CEB/000026787 27"L to 35"L Flex Flat Rack
2 2 X58MBVMH/000027094 1"D Rear Hang Mounting Bar Kit
3 4 X330F43AB/000026809 40" Flex Rear Hanging Vertical Merchandiser
4 12 X4310602B/000026875 6"D x 24"W Full Horizontal Divider, Perforated
5 6 X4236B 6"H x 40"L Vertical Wire Divider
Wet Rack Vertical Set-CD0040-2_L

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