Angled Down CTM Shelving for Different Profile

AirFlo's cold-enhancing anodized aluminum Case Mount Shelving, formerly known as CTM shelving now has 5 position brackets for even greater flexibility for design layout.

Shown here in a 20° downward slant, this retailer creates a full view of product allowing for greater selection by their customer.

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Angle CTM drawing
Angled CTM Shelves
Line Quantity SKU Dimensions Description
1 2 X3207CEB/000026787 27"L to 35"L Flex Flat Rack
2 2 85037342/000004581 4"D x 6"H x 23.5"W Fluorescent Green "ORGANIC" Base [L] Fence
3 1 C4C21 21"D x 48"W Case Mount Shelf, Straight CTM - Set at 20° Down
4 1 C4C19 19"D x 48"W Case Mount Shelf , Straight CTM- Set at 20° Down
5 2 85020242/000004535 4.5"H (3) x 48"W Fluorescent Green "ORGANIC" CTM Shelf Fence
6 12 42055141/000001972 17"D ABS Perforated [L] Shelf Dividers, Black
7 1 C4C17 17"D x 48"W Case Mount Shelf, Straight CTM - Set at 20° Down
8 12 X563341201/000026986 12" ABS Perforated Shelf Dividers, Black
9 1 C4C17 17"D x 48"W Case Mount, Straight CTM Shelf - set Flat
10 2 85015942/000004526 3.5" (2") Fluorescent Green "ORGANIC" Laser Fence
11 1 Case Specific TBD Category Divider

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