Vertical Category Dividers

Category Dividers are custom designed according to case, model and merchandising profile being used. Ideal for separation of ORGANICs sections from conventional produce items. Perfect solution to separate categories from another.

Please speak with an AirFlo customer service representative for drawing. They can be reached by dialing: 1-800-999-9399


  • Available in black ABS, clear and smoked plastic options.
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SKU Description
000001891 / 42032343 Hussmann P2 Catagory Divider
000001866 / 42028943 Hussmann P4 Catagory Divider
000001806 / 42018443 Hussmann D5 Catagory Divider
000001813 / 42019043 Hillphoenix 05DM Cat. Divider
000001947 / 42047843 Hillphoenix 0HPH Cat. Divider
Call AirFlo for Part Number Category Divider - All other case specific

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