Green ORGANIC CTM Shelf Front Fence

Green ORGANIC Shelf Fences allow for a highly visible, effective yet clean look to distinguish your ORGANICs area from conventional. AirFlo Fluorescent Green signage for Organics cleanly defines and accentuates these areas for your shoppers to quickly identify.

AirFlo also will custom laser engrave for all your departments. This includes your choice of fonts and most one color logos. See also our line of PLANT BASE items for Dairy, Meat and Deli callouts. Contact AirFlo's customer service representatives for any additional information at 1-800-999-9399.

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SKU Description
000004835 / 88017042 3.5"H x 36"W Fluorescent Green Shelf Fence "ORGANIC" laser
000004836 / 88017043 3.5"H x 36"W Clear Shelf Fence "ORGANIC" laser (2" reveal)
000004833 / 88016942 3.5"H x 48"W Fluorescent Green Shelf Fence "ORGANIC" laser
000004834 / 88016943 3.5"H x 48"W Clear Shelf Fence, "ORGANIC" laser (2" reveal)

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