Glide RollerShelf System

Glide RollerShelf system effortlessly enhances quick product movement to a ready-sale position. Versatile to support a wide variety of products, categories and packaging. Product rolls easily to the shelf edge for an ultimate sales edge over your competition.

The new, high performance Glide RollerShelf keeps rapid pace with your shoppers' selections. The effortless Glide RollerShelf by AirFlo ensures an always attractive display while supporting an always available stock. Your shelves remain organized, front-faced, and uniform.

  • Save Labor:  Save 1.5 hours-a-day facing product in one 4' bottle section.
  • Merchandising Flexibility:  Easily configure and reconfigure to 1/8" increments with ultra thin lane dividers.
  • Manage Category:  Shelves maintain a sense of always well-stocked. Glass bottles advance effortlessly forward, either in warm or cold environments.
  • Package Performance:  Whether you need to move products in glass, plastic, boxes or cartons, our new Glide RollerShelves are up to the task.
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System Drawing Examples

Visualize your space with the assistance of technical drawings that shows a mini model perspective of product use.



Glide RollerShelf for AirFlo Shelving

Bakery/ Center Store/ Dairy & Frozen/ Deli/ Meat & Seafood/ Produce
4OEM GlideRoller

Glide RollerShelf for OEM Shelving

Dairy & Frozen/ Deli/ Meat & Seafood/ Produce

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