Perforated Flex Riser Step Accessory for Flex Flat Racks

The innovative Flex Step System begins with a Flex Flat Rack as a base. Steps clip to the base creating any tiered profile desired. The steps can be mixed for custom presentations to meet your needs. The Flex System works especially well in wall, island and mobile case applications.


  • Adds individual, movable steps to most flex racks.
  • Constructed from rust-proof anodized aluminum. Easy to install and clean
  • Clips to Flex Flat Rack by AirFlo


  • All perforated flex riser steps are 23.75"W
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SKU Description
000027080 / X58FR935B 9"D x 3.5"H x 23.75"W Perforated Flex Riser Step
000027079 / X58FR53B 5"D x 3"H x 23.75"W Perforated Flex Riser Step

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