Grill Guard

The AirFlo Grill Guard was developed as an easy way to keep food debris from falling in between the large openings in a case's air return grill. The Grill Cover provides a small perforated patterned cover that snaps over the air return grill.


  • Units are made from cold conducting perforated aluminum, refrigeration will continue to reach the product
  • Proven design that does not inhibit air circulation but keeps produce debris out
  • Fits standard 48" case sections
  • Easy to install and remove from case
  • Fits many standard manufacturers' cases. Call to confirm case compatibility before ordering
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SKU Description
000027082 / X58GC01B 48"W Grill Guard for Hill Cases
000027083 / X58GC02B 48"W Grill Guard for Hussmann Cases

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