Freezer Department Self Facer 30”W

Freezer 30"W Case Pushers are designed to accommodate any boxed, bagged freezer goods such as pizza's of any shape (boxed, round, or mini), freezer goods (meals, dinners, and box size width and thickness). Provide a freezer section that always looks front-faced, and provides a uniform and continuous look throughout the entire department. Save labor by providing measureable improvements in back stocking and arrangement of products.


  • Minimal inventory creates a continuous full look
  • Storage space for lanes, dividers and paddles so they are never misplaced
  • Designed for easy shelf restocking keeps product faced at all times and in a saleable position for your customers selection
  • Lanes are removable and may be reconfigured right at store level.
  • Heavy duty extruded plastic for dependability
  • Pushers available in standard, extended or slant-back fronts


  • Standard depth sizes for 30" Wide x 21" Deep
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SKU Description
100119913 5 Facer, 30" x 19"D, 10S with Magnetic Strip
100118590 5 Facer, 30" x 21"D, 10S with Magnetic Strip
100119914 5 Facer, 30" x 23"D, 10S with Magnetic Strip

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