55° Half Curved Basket Divider for AirFlo's Vertical Racking

55° Half Curved Basket Divider is used in conjunction with 55° Curved Basket Divider to create a staggered look when merchandising AirFlo's Vertical Rack Display. Ideal for SKU's when carrying smaller quantities, and would prefer to use half the shelf space as a 55° Curved. Use the basket pin underneath to keep shelving aligned. 

Manufactured in the same anodized aluminum that will not rust, chip, or flake for your misted and wet sections.

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SKU Description
000001841 / 42025101 8"/12"D Half Curved Basket Divider, LH 55°
000001844 / 42025301 8"/12"D Half Curved Basket Divider, RH 55°

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