Fresh products call for temperature control and Carlson AirFlo’s cold-enhancing aluminum shelves are perfect for critical temperature merchandising, including misted areas. AirFlo Shelving units add more merchandising space while meeting today’s uncompromising food quality demands and maximizing case temperatures.

AirFlo perforated, anodized aluminum shelving is designed to be used in place of traditional powder coated steel shelving. AirFlo shelving is constructed from high quality anodized aluminum, and unlike powder coated steel shelving, the finish will not chip, peel, or crack. Each shelf is designed with larger perforated holes to enhance airflow for better cold air circulation through the display for maximum product shelf life.

AirFlo Shelving:

  • Rust-proof anodized finish
  • Adjustable tilt and height to fit any merchandising need, small or large
  • Cold enhancing aluminum construction that maximizes refrigeration and minimizes shrink
  • Perforated design eliminates the need for case liner

Discover how Carlson AirFlo can help reduce shrink in your department.

AirFlo equipment is easy to install, spacing is easy, installation is about 2-hours less than space driver install.

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