Pull Out Peg Hook

Put More Sales Within Reach!

Keep your peg hooks filled with product and refill them with ease to help you reach continuous product sales. Our new Pull Out Peg Hook System puts the task of restocking in comfortable reach. Your customers will always find their favorite, freshest products right at hand.

The Pull Out Peg Hook System is the smarter way to restock and rotate product. Its smooth slide extension capabilities allow for fast and easy product loading. Fully merchandised and forward-facing stock helps generate increased sales. It's the advantage you need when sales hang in the balance.

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  • Employee Benefits:  No more reaching over, behind, or way back in the case. Simply pull out the hook rack and quickly stock or easily rearrange product.
  • Speed Save Labor:  Hooks are loaded with product in no time, freeing up employees for additional tasks.
  • Keep Fresh, Fresher:  The ease of use makes rotating products faster and easier. The Pull Out Peg Hook System removes the tedium of rearranging product and reduces shrink.
  • Hang Tough:  Get effortless control with our locking mechanism. The system locks when pulled out for restocking, and again when pushed back into position for added stability and assurance.
  • Manage Inventory Variety:  Easily manage the diversity of packaged sizes with the width-adjustable peg hooks.
  • Sized-Right Systems:  Pull Out Peg Hooks are available in depths of 13.5"D, 11.5"D, and 9.5"D in both 36"W and 48"W.
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97027021 Mounting Bar, 9.5”D x 48”W, Pullout Peg Hook Bar
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97026821 Mounting Bar, 13.5”D x 48”W, Pullout Peg Hook Bar
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97027121 Mounting Bar, 13.5”D x 36”W, Pullout Peg Hook Bar