Island End Units


Anodized Aluminum End Units:

Island End Units complete the look of your merchandising set by allowing a seamless transition from traditional racks to a wrap around unit that ties all of the displays together. Each Island End Unit is specifically designed for each case and merchandising need so that the End Unit fits perfectly into the case the first time.

The three major groupings of Island End Units are Wrap-around Profile Ends, Stepped Ends, and Sloped Ends. Wrap-around Profile Ends continue the profile of the traditional rack on the side of the island all the way around the case. Stepped Ends are typically used with an end panel to provide a transition from traditional racks to the End Unit. Typically available in two or three step versions, Stepped End Units often have removable steps for additional merchandising flexibility.

Wrap-around Profile End Units, Stepped End Units, and Sloped End Units are all constructed from AirFlo's unique perforated anodized aluminum. The 43% open hole pattern is the perfect balance between allowing cold air to pass through the End Unit without being open enough for dirt and debris to fall through. The anodized aluminum finish means that the rack will not rust, and the finish will not chip, crack, or peel.

For more details on a specific Island End Unit solution please contact the Customer Service department via email at or via telephone at 800-999-9399.

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