CD0048 - Shelf Set with Terracotta Bowls

Merchandising with Terra-cotta Bowls

AirFlo's shelving units add more merchandising space while meeting uncompromising quality demands. Adding terra-cotta bowls for additional separation of products, managing large number of SKUs, or simply differentiating certain products apart from others. Terra-cotta bowls simplify these challenges and add a visual impact at the same time.

Line Item Quantity SKU Parts
1 4 X3207CEB Flex Flat Rack
2 2 C4C15 15"D x 48"W CriticalTemp Shelf
3 7 X9943 12" Dia. Terra Cotta Bowl
4 2 C4D17 17" x 21" x 48"W Curved CTM Shelf
5 8 C4C17 17"D x 48"W CriticalTemp Shelf
0 1 Call AirFlo for Part Number Category Divider - case specific

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