AirArt Merchandising on Vertical Rack System

AirArt Vertical System provides impactful, unique category management with bold, creatively appealing wall display of geometric shapes, curved lines, and containment of product. Use your existing AirFlo Vertical System or completely convert an existing set.

Proven to attract customers, increase product sales, reduce shrink, control labor costs, and inventory management.

AirArt - CD0052
Line Quantity SKU Dimensions Description
1 4 X330F43AB/000026809 32.25"L to 51"L Flex Rear Hanging Vertical Merchandiser
2 3 42037101/000001907 6"D x 11.8"W AirArt Diamond Divider
3 2 42036701/000001901 6"D x 23.75"W AirArt Diameter Circle with Clips
4 3 42036901/000001904 6"D x 11.88"W AirArt Diameter Circle with Clips
5 2 X43906034B/000026891 6"D x 12"W Left Hand Wave Divider
6 2 X43906035B/000026893 6"D x 12"W Right Hand Wave Divider
7 1 42036401/000001898 6"D x 23.8"W AirArt Diamond Divider
8 2 42037701/000001912 6"D x 11.5"W to 20"W Wing Divider with Clips
9 4 X3207CEB/000026787 27"L to 35"L Flex Flat Rack
10 2 X58MBVMH/000027094 1"D Rear Hang Mounting Bar Kit

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