Squeeze more profits from your fresh departments with Carlson AirFlo Merchandising Systems.

Your fresh departments are the number one influence for choosing one store over another. Fruit and vegetable sales contribute a larger share to total store sales and gross margins than ever before.

The Carlson AirFlo Merchandising System was created specifically to maximize produce profits. In fact, it's the industry's only market-driven merchandising system for non refrigerated and refrigerated cases. Every aspect of the product design was created to meet customer needs. That's why AirFlo outperforms any other merchandising system.

Compared to conventional wire racks, AirFlo racks create an abundant appearance with significantly less inventory. The high visual appeal is engineered for practicality too. AirFlo's perforated racks have an optimal open area of 33%, allowing cold air to circulate gently throughout the entire refrigerated case. This adds shelf life to perishables, but minimizes the space for debris to fall through. The unique wireless design cushions produce, unlike conventional racks which can easily gouge softer items. Also, adjustable-fit anodized AirFlo racks are rust-proof, making them ideal for icing and misting.

With the Carlson AirFlo Merchandising System, you will see:

  • Increased fresh sales and profits
  • Reduced shrink and labor costs
  • Flexibility for more merchandising variety
  • Improved appearance; adjustable racks enhance new refrigerated cases and dress up older ones. Our racks are easier to clean and demand fewer labor hours.
  • During normal product rotation, simply hose or wipe down the racks and reset in refrigerated units. You don't have to tear down the entire produce or deli display.

Switching to AirFlo means:

  • No costly, messy case liner
  • No clogged drains from fallen debris
  • No makeshift dummy racks or temporary risers
  • Easily installed, AirFlo racks fit all major manufacturer's refrigerated cases and accommodate nearly every produce item.
  • Install the Carlson AirFlo Merchandising System. Your customer will see the difference. And you'll solve your fresh department's merchandising problems.

"AirFlo equipment is easy to install, spacing is easy, installation is about 2-hours less than space driver install."

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