Flex Flat Rack with Fence Holder for Refrigerated Cases

Designed and built like AirFlo's Flex Flat Rack with an added Fence Holder. Fences slide into the fence channel provided. 

AirFlo perforated aluminum flat racks are designed to replace rust-prone wire racks in wall and island cases. The AirFlo Flat Rack and Flat Rack with Fence Holder was built for strength and durability, and due to its perforated cold conducting aluminum construction, refrigeration and air flow is maximized. Also, with AirFlo Flat Racks, you never need to use messy case liner which reduces out of pocket costs and labor associated with sanitation.

  • Replace rust-prone wire racks
  • Eliminate need for messy case liner
  • Will not rust, chip or peel, due to the anodized aluminum finish
  • Perforated, cold air conducting aluminum enhances refrigeration, which reduces shrink
  • 33% open area perforation stops debris from falling into case
  • Reduce labor for sanitation
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SKU Description
000026820 / X3707CEB 27" CEB Flex Flat Rack with Fence Holder & 16" CEB Slide Black



1” Universal Rack Mounting Bar Kit

Dairy/ Meat/ Produce

Base Gravity Feed

Dairy/ Center Store/ Meat/ Produce
Prod-Base Access-1Universal-990105

Front Rack Mounting Angle

Dairy/ Meat/ Produce
100122847 Glide RollerShelf for Base

Glide RollerShelf for Base

Center Store/ Dairy/ Deli/ Meat/ Produce
Prod-BaseMerch-Acc-GrillGuard-X58GC01B copy

Grill Guard

Dairy/ Meat/ Produce

Perforated Flex Riser Step

Deli/ Meat/ Produce

Fence Options


Perforated Rack Front Fence

Dairy/ Meat/ Produce

Solid Rack Front Fence

Dairy/ Meat/ Produce

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