ELITE Self Facer for Every Department

Get noticed by more customers using AirFlo's attention grabbing, brighter LED display to increase sales.

This spring-loaded product pusher system is ideal for all departments in achieving visual impact, faster product rotation, higher turnover and increased last minute sales. With the ELITE Self Facer, your product is quickly noticed and easy to shop.

Works great with: vacuum sealed trayed meats, packaged meats, boxed or bagged frozen food products, pre-packaged salads and vegetables, bagged cheese sets, packaged dry goods and much more!

AirFlo's ELITE shelf management system increases product facings by over 20%, keeping products freshly faced and always in a selling position.

With a combination of our shelving and ELITE facers, you can create a visually stunning and beautifully organized presentation in every grocery store department.

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US Patents 9,986,852, 10,441,093.

ELITE Self Facer_5 rows
ELITE facer_5rows
Line Quantity SKU Dimensions Description
1 2 250169/000000449 22"H x 48"W AirGrid Mounting Kit
2 1 250170/000000450 13"H x 48"W AirGrid Mounting Kit
3 1 250211/000000482 1"T x 48"W Universal Rack Mounting Bar Kit
4 1 99029921/000005182 48"W Front Rack Mounting Channel
5 2 X3207SB/000026790 22"L to 27"L Flex Flat Rack Short
6 2 X563042304P/000026976 4"H x 24"W Clear 3/16" PETG Perforated Rack Front Fence
7 30 CEF19 19"D ELITE, Specify Fence, Tension Spring, LED light and Standard Paddle
ELITE Self Facer-5 Rows2

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