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Produce table

Whether you’re a produce merchandiser, store buyer, or an independent owner of a department or grocery store, produce tables are a necessity for your store. Let’s learn about what they are, how they’re used, and the features to consider when investing in them. You’ll walk away with key insights to help grow your produce department sales and keep customers coming back. 

What Are Produce Tables?

Produce tables are small, medium, or large merchandise displays designed specifically to highlight a store’s fruit and vegetable offerings. Every time someone shops in your grocery store or supermarket, chances are a produce table is one of the first things they encounter when entering the produce department. Produce tables are an essential part of every store and create a visual impact that draws customers in. 

How Are Produce Tables Used?

As mentioned above, produce tables are used to highlight a store’s fruit and vegetable offerings. In some cases, you will encounter produce tables with a flat top surface similar to a traditional table. Other times produce tables are referred to as “Euro Tables,” which feature a slanted design to elevate products at varying levels. Euro tables allow you to highlight certain fruits or vegetables, differentiate products, and make products look more visually appealing.

Features to Consider When Buying

  • Add-On Capabilities — Make sure your prospective produce table has the ability to support add-ons like risers, POD toppers, or racks and shelves to create multiple product displays on a single table.

  • LED Light IntegrationLED lighting is a great way to showcase your best fruits and vegetables. Lighting allows produce to show its true eye-catching colors and attract customers. 

  • Cleanability — Keeping your produce table sanitary is critical to the health of your customers and your store's reputation. Ensure your produce table is easy to clean.

  • Material — Produce can be heavy, which is why it’s important to consider the material your produce table is made of. While wood is often cheaper and more difficult to move, adding an anodized aluminum or ABS plastic display topper ensures your department merchandising system lasts for years to come.

Produce Table Accessories & Alternatives

There are a number of produce accessories out there to enhance your produce department further. Accessories can help add additional space,  or showcase your best sellers, and cross merchandise when used in addition to regular produce tables. Browse some of our favorites below.

Carlson AirFlo Produce Table Accessories & Alternatives

Euro POD Topper

Euro POD topper

The Euro POD Topper is a practical, convenient way to add feature sections or promote specialty products on your produce tables. Its durable vacuumed-formed design is excellent for metal, wood-slotted, and even slanted tables.

Multi-Step Racks

Multi-step rack

Our Multi-Step Racks are the ideal choice for storing bulk or specialty produce. They can accommodate baskets and pre-packaged items such as cut fruit, melons, carrots, corn, and other larger vegetables. The racks are also made with aluminum to enhance the cool temperatures that help reduce shrinkage.

Produce Table Inserts

Produce table inserts

Produce Table Inserts are designed to display dry produce products such as tomatoes, avocados, fruit, and melons. Each insert comes with a 3 step design to allow for better stacking and comes in your choice of left, right, or center units. These inserts are also made with black ABS food-grade plastic to ensure durability, product longevity, and sanitary conditions.  

Cheese Wheel

Cheese wheel

The Cheese Wheel is an innovative display accessory for produce tables that allows you to display cheese pairings with fruit and vegetables for upselling or cross-merchandising. Its durable powder-coated steel frame, adjustable base, and shelf make it a versatile piece for any produce table.

The Best Place to Buy Produce Table Accessories

For over 40 years, Carlson AirFlo has been a leader in the merchandising product display industry. Our solutions take advantage of color, lighting, durability, and product placement to increase sales, reduce labor, and cut back on waste in your store. 

Carlson AirFlo produce table accessories can be used throughout your store to create visual impact and turn you into the retailer of choice for everyone in your neighborhood. Likewise, our team has the ability to create custom solutions specific to your needs. We can even take on replacing the acrylic in your displays to ensure a clean appearance at all times. Contact us today to request a quote or to learn more about how our produce table display accessories create a competitive advantage. 

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