Vertical Wall of Produce-CD0002

Create a stunning visual impact presentation by creating a massive impactful presentation without large amounts of inventory.  Less inventory, means less shrink.

Merchandisers can create massive displays for greater visual impact, tempting customers to taste with their eyes and then decide to purchase. Increase sales with your customers by creating a beautiful Vertical Wall of Produce.

Vertical Merchandising Racks are ideal for produce wet rack sections because of their anodized properties, air flow design perfect for misting sections.

Vertical Wall of Produce-CD0002-1_L
Line Quantity SKU Dimensions Description
1 4 X3207CEB/000026787 27"L to 35"L Flex Flat Rack
2 4 X330F43AB/000026809 40" Flex Rear Hanging Vertical Merchandiser
3 16 X4310906B/000026878 9"D x 24"W Heavy Duty Full Horizontal Divider, Perforated
4 2 X58MBVM8H/000027092 8" Rear Hang Mounting Bar Kit
5 2 R10180 1"H x 48"W Clear Plastic Front Shelf Fence
6 2 C4C17 17"D x 48"W CriticalTemp Shelf
Vertical Wall of Produce-CD0002-2_L

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