Sigma Series Frames and Bracket Kits

The Sigma Series Frame and Bracket kit is a required component in creating a Sigma POD Shelf, or 2' AirShelf display. The frame creates standards at every 12" at the back of the case allowing for 1 foot and 2 foot POD shelves to be arranged in a staggered layout. The frame can also accept 48" wide CTM Shelves. The frame itself is universal and fits most major manufacturers' cases, restricted only by the overall height of the case.


  • Available in 14"H, 26"H, 40"H, and 48"H
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SKU Description
000027222 / X59SSF14 48"W x 14"H Sigma Series Frame and Brackets
000027224 / X59SSF26 48"W x 26"H Sigma Series Frame and Brackets
000027228 / X59SSF40 48"W x 40"H Sigma Series Frame and Brackets

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