Perforated Filler Cube for Better Sanitation

AirFlo multi-purposed perforated Filler Cubes dramatically reduce inventory and eliminate the need for cardboard, styrofoam or plastic dummies. The filler cubes are perforated to allow cold air to circulate throughout the case versus solid fillers or dummies which prevent the full cooling effect of the refrigerated case. Particularly in misted sections, anodized aluminum filler cubes are a better choice for maintaining sanitation standards. Aluminum filler cubes can be cleaned by simply wiping down with soap and water unlike cardboard fillers or wire racks wrapped in case liner.


  • Easy to install and clean
  • Less inventory required to fully merchandise display
  • Cold enhancing aluminum construction
  • Rust proof anodized finish
  • Will not chip, peel, or crack
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SKU Description
000001686 / 40029001 3"H x 6"D x 22"W Perforated Filler Cube
000001688 / 40029101 6"H x 6"D x 22"W Perforated Filler Cube
000001690 / 40029201 6"H x 9"D x 22"W Perforated Filler Cube
000001692 / 40029301 3"H x 6"D x 46"W Perforated Filler Cube
000001694 / 40029401 6"H x 6"D x 46"W Perforated Filler Cube
000001696 / 40029501 6"H x 9"D x 46"W Perforated Filler Cube

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