Overhead Canopy Refrigerated Case Sign

AirFlo's Overhead ORGANICs case signage helps promote and identify your organic fruits and vegetable sections. Our signs are made of the same fluorescent green acrylic to match AirFlo's existing line of ORGANIC products, creating an outstanding presentation and uniformative to your customers. Increase sales of your ORGANICS section by increasing the ORGANIC focus in your store.

We now offer the ability to custom engrave signage specific to your needs. AirFlo is happy to offer most one color logos, slogan, text in your custom font and available for most AirFlo fence options as well. Speak to a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-999-9399 to get started!

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000004858 / 88018642 8"H x 3"D x 48"W Fluorescent Green ORGANIC Laser Engraved Canopy Signage with magnets to secure
000004781 8”H x 3”D x 48”W Fluorescent Green “ORGANIC” Laser Engrave Canopy Signage, flanked each end with USDA ORGANIC logos. Magnets to secure above cooler. (shown above)

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