Mobile Bouquet Bag Holder Mount

Bouquet Bag Holders attach to Mobile Displays, making self-service easy for the customer and reducing the need for store labor.

By attaching directly to Mobile Units, customers may easily make their selection, bag their purchase and move right through to the check out line.


  • Holds one 100 pack of 144WB Bouquet Bags.
  • BBH-T fits these flower displays: BD2, BD3, BD3G, BD3R, BD4AG, BD4R, BD6G, BD6H, BD8H, BD9H, BD12H
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SKU Description
100117549 / FMS BBH-T Bouquet Bag Holder for mobile fixture attachment
100117406 / FMS BBH-SH Bouquet Bag Holder with suction cups, mounts to a solid, flat surface only

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