Mobile Galvanized Shipper Display

Showcase floral and greenery for your floral shop, garden center, market or throughout your grocery store with our rustic Galvanized Shipper Bucket Displays. 

Position mobile displays in high traffic areas in the store to create a dramatic floral department. Portable carts can be easily moved to create a different look within the department.

Add additional sales with floral displays positioned near checkout, candy and wine areas to influence buyers and allow them to browse with ease.

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SKU Description
100118617 / FMS BD3G-NV Mobile Chrome Flower Display, without Buckets
100118150 / BD3G Mobile Chrome Flower Display, with 3 - 11"H Galvanized Shipper Buckets
100118616 / FMS BD3G-FS16 Mobile Chrome Flower Display, with 3 - 16"H Black Designer Vases



Bouquet Bags

100117469/FMS 144CB
Prod-Floral-100119573-BBS-sur foot

Bouquet Bag Stands


Mobile Mount Bouquet Bag Holder


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