Mobile Galvanized 6 Vase Floral Displays

Utilizing your department's square footage can maximize the amount of product by merchandising  with our Mobile Galvanized 6 Vase Display. 

Customer select stores based on the long life of floral arrangements. Our Galvanized Vases allow you to use a liner for easy change out of water, keeping your flowers fresher longer.

Our Nickel Mobile Displays are available in several options. Choose from Galvanized Vases or add various black Flower Vase options. For additional questions please call our Customer Service Representative at 1-800-999-9399.

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SKU Description
100118994/ FMS BD6G-NV Chrome Mobile Vase Display, Vases not included
100118996 / FMS BD6G Chrome Mobile Vase Display, 6 each 12"H Galvanized Vases, Liners and sign holder
100119678 / FMS BD6G-GV12, 100 Chrome Mobile Vase Display, 6 each 12"H Galvanized Vases, 100vo insert and sign holder
100118997 / FMS BD6G-130 Chrome Mobile Vase Display, 6 each 13"H Black Flower Vases - 130vo and sign holder
100118998 / FMS BD6G-160 Chrome Mobile Vase Display, 6 each 16"H Black Flower Vases - 160vo and sign holder
100118999 / FMS BD6G-FS8 Chrome Mobile Vase Display, 6 each 8"H Black Designer Vases - FS8 and sign holder



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