Mobile Black 8 Vase Floral Bouquet Displays

Tapered vases look elegant in the merchandising display, maximizing 8 bouquet vases with minimal amount of space. Casters allows you to move your bouquet display to areas where you can cross sell merchandise to increase your store's sales. 

Our sleek, modern, contemporary display units bring a touch of elegance to your floral department. The black unit makes the floral arrangements pop with color, getting your products noticed to encourage customer's to select and purchase.

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SKU Description
100118615 / FMS BD8H-NV Black Mobile 8 Vase Bouquet Display, vases not included
100118614 / FMS BD8H-FS8 Black Mobile 8 Vase Bouquet Display, 8 each 8"H black Designer Vases (FS8)
100117705 / FMS BD8H-100 Black Mobile 8 Vase Bouquet Display, 8 each 10"H black Flower Vases 100vo
100118613 / FMS BD8H-130 Black Mobile 8 Vase Bouquet Display, 8 each 13"H black Flower Vases 130vo



Bouquet Bags

Prod-Floral-100119573-BBS-sur foot

Bouquet Bag Stands


Mobile Mount Bouquet Bag Holder


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