FloralFlex Cross Merchandising Shelf

We know retailers are wanting to entice consumers to purchase for Health and wellbeing, or sheer enjoyment of gift giving to drive additional sales.  The solution is the ability to display additional merchandise that attracts attention. Now you can accommodate more merchandising options in the case with the ability to have flexibility with the display configuration, showing off stunning bouquets fit for any occasion. AirFlo merchandising systems help captivate your customers to purchase.

The FloralFlex™ Cross Merchandising Shelf easily reconfigures for specialized inventory, unique designs and bouquets of any size. This shelving can accommodate cross-merchandising ideas such as cheese, chocolates, wine as well as floral gift ideas to add additional store sales.


Exciting visual merchandising, entices customer's interest that will engage them to buy. Versatile and easily installs and reconfigures. Flexibility to support a wide variety of floral products, arrangements and bouquets. 

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000003889 / 59070001 24"W x 14"D Cross Merchandising Shelf

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