Floral Vases with Snap-on Base

The hour glass shape allows your floral department stand out from your competition. Tapered Floral Vases with or without a snap-on vase stand are perfect for using with or without our hexagon or decorative cube risers.

These Floral Vases with Snap-On base allow product to be placed freestanding on a floor, counter, table or cooler.

Having additional vases available allows you to change out water, utilizing less time and labor, allows your associates to spend time with potential customers.


  • All Flower Vases sold as quantity 6
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100117684 / FMS 100 10" FMS Flower Vase (top diameter 7"W x base diameter 7.5"W x 10"H), 6 pack
100117685 / FMS 130 13" FMS Flower Vase (top diameter 8"W x base diameter 7.5"W x 13"H), 6 pack
100117738 / FMS 160 16" FMS Flower Vase (top diameter 8.5"W x base diameter 9"W x 16"H), 6 pack
100117742 / FMS FS16 19" FMS Flower Vase (top diameter 9"W x base diameter 9"W x 19"H), 6 pack

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