Outdoor Front-of-Store Floral Purlins

Our floral metal purlins are a lightweight, horizontal bar that is used to support hanging outdoor floral baskets. These metal Purlins also support resistance to heavy winds, keeping your floral display unit stable. 

Racks are shipped flat for a minimal shipping rate and minimal storage. The racks are easy to assemble saving you labor.

Constructed of galvanized steele tubing to with stand the outdoor elements. Stability and quality materials keep your displays looking new, organized, and durable protecting your brands image.

Outdoor displays allow customers to notice product before they become distracted from other displays in the store. Seeing plants displayed outside, puts your shoppers in a happy mood increasing sales. High quality displays will help cut operation costs, since they do not need to be painted.

Creating displays near the entrance maximizes merchandising space. Varying the fixture heights creates an eye catching statement that expands upward as well as across. These practices are ideal for both retail grocery areas as well as garden centers, nurseries and greenhouse store fronts.

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Fence on a Bench Stand with Purlin

100118460/FMS FBP

Flat Mate Bench with Purlin

100118468/FMS FMP

Half A-Frame with Basket Purlin

100117797/FMS HAFP

Tri Step Bench with Double Purlin

100118504/FMS TSP



Large Casters

100118074/FMS CASTER (FB2513)

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