Outdoor Front-of-Store Flat Mate Bench with Purlin

Flat Mate Bench with an added Purlin allows you to maximum the utilization of space while displaying a large variety of floral and plant products. This plant merchandising display is high quality to withstand outdoor elements. Because of its quality you reduce the need to replace over time, saving you money. 

With a 26.5" depth, this bench and purlin is one narrow display designed for smaller spaces. We have a variety of benches in different widths and tier levels to accommodate any plant merchandising product needs. 


  • 26.5"D x 73.25"W x 83.75"H
  • Shelves 1-26"D, 1-18"D, 1-12.5"D
  • Capacity Holds up to 15 (1020-style) flats and up to 6 (10" ) hanging baskets.
  • Optional casters, powder coating and end caps are available.
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SKU Description
100118468 / FMS FMP Flat Mate Bench display, with Purlin, 26.5"D x x 73.25"W x 83.75"H
100118469 / FMS FMP-C Flat Mate Bench display with Purlin, and Casters, 26.5"D x 73.25"W x 89.8"H



Large Casters

100118074/FMS CASTER (FB2513)

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