ABS Curved Front Bin Divider for Product Separation

Providing additional flexibility to 2' vacuum formed ABS bins, this divider gives the ability to divide into 2 and 3 compartments within the actual ABS bin. When your inventory goes down, you can easily contract into smaller compartments. Making your AirFlo flexible for seasonal product as well as yearly products.

AirFlo is constantly creating new ideas to save the retailers money by reducing shrink, lowering labor costs and providing means to increase profits by creating innovative merchandising systems or merchandising elements to existing merchandising systems.

All our vacuumed formed bins are designed to be adaptable to display directly on existing shelving. This creates an entirely new merchandising presentation very inexpensively.


  • Not available for cases with 36" standards


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000001825 / 42022441 ABS Divider for 2' Curved Front Bin - Divider measures 3.8"T x 3"W x 15.95"D



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Dairy & Frozen/ Deli/ Produce

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