Black ABS Clip-On Price Tag Moulding (PTM)

AirFlo's Clip-On PTMs are designed specifically for AirFlo's Basket Dividers and AirFlo's POD System. Available in several lengths that easily slips over the front edge of dividers and POD shelving. Made from Black ABS plastic extruded to accommodate your price tags.

Consult with your Sales Representative or Customer Service for additional information on our PTM line of products.

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SKU Description
000021633 / R10479 1.25" x 23.75" Clip-On ABS PTM for Basket Dividers & Base PODs
000021634 / R10479-12 1.25" x 12" Clip-On ABS PTM for Basket Dividers & Base PODs
000004578 / 85036941 1.25"X 30"L Clip-On ABS PTM for PODs
000004580 / 85037141 1.25" x 14.5"L Clip-On ABS PTM for PODs

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