90 degree Clear Acrylic [L] Fence

AirFlo fence options allow you total flexibility in selecting a front fence for your wall and island cases. L-shaped fences can be added to any rack with a minimum of hassle: installation is as simple as just setting in place. Cleaning only requires a simple wipe down with a damp cloth.


  • 90 degree fence designed with perforated bottom for air flow and drainage


  • Constructed from food grade clear plastic
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000026971 / X562442301P 4"D x 4"H x 24"W Clear 1/8" Petg "L" Fence
000026988 / X563462301P 4"D x 6"H x 24"W Clear 3/16" Petg "L" Fence



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Dairy/ Deli & Frozen/ Meat/ Produce

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