Modular Filler Pan

This Clear Anodized Filler Pan is designed to be modular and therefore relocate easily to accommodate weekly specials or product changes. Available in several heights for the different packages or containers making merchandising your deli or meat and seafood cases quite easy. This structure allows the merchandiser to bring product up higher when the case is significantly deeper than needed.

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SKU Description Related System Page
40033603 Filler, pan 12.25” x 13.25” x 1” Nesting, CLEAR
40033703 Filler, pan 12.25” x 13.25” x 2” Nesting, CLEAR
40033803 Filler, pan 12.25” x 13.25” x 3” Nesting, CLEAR
40033903 Filler, pan 12.25” x 12.75” x 1” Nesting, CLEAR

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