115 degree DeliWedge

The AirFlo 2 Step DeliWedge with 115° Sloped is another innovative meat and cheese merchandiser that allows the customer to see meat and cheese brand names. Rather than lying down flat, each item stands slightly tipped back with the label in full view of the customer. In addition the cut pieces being used by store personnel are stored behind the unit, within the refrigeration but out of the customers' view.

Find out more on the benefits of using Carlson AirFlo merchandising systems.


  • Allows for a more upright presentation
  • Enhanced visual appearance and product presentation
  • Perforated aluminum to maximize air flow
  • Eliminates the need for plastic or EPS foam dummies
  • High-impact merchandising


  • All standard racks are 23.75" wide
  • Contains two step 115° sloped with raised front
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