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Best compliment from Max Maddus from Kowalski's: "The more I work with these ThinLine Shelves, the more and more I love them!" 

fresh fruit and vegetable produce for grocery storesKowalski's Market is located in Minneapolis area. You may find more about Kowalski's Market with the link to their website:

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Below are key take away points from our customer:

  1. "They are lightweight, so easy to install because you can see the top of the bracket when installing the shelf into your case."
  2. "Customers really noticed the vast change over, in this store. With the low dark wood ceiling, changing out the old cases to the new was one thing, however, adding all the LED lighting to the case displays really made this presentation stand out and get noticed."
  3. "Customers could not believe the short amount of time it took to do this produce department's renovation."

Consumers are presented with more choices, brands, and SKUs than ever before. To capture the attention of a specific niche has become more and more competitive. We connect consumers with products by using eye-catching and conversation-starting displays that attract attention and create sales.

ThinLine Shelving by AirFlo was created specifically for that reason. We created a shelf to focus your customer’s attention on product not your shelf. We maximize SKUs by having the ability to add an additional shelf for every 4 foot section in the case. Several profiles to choose from that provide a wide selection of profiles for your unique merchandising look to attract your customer’s attention. Our ThinLine Shelving by AirFlo is located here:

Several customers coupled this product with Glide RollerShelf by AirFlo. The Glide RollerShelf faces product keeping shelves looking stocked without the need to use in store personnel. ThinLine's matching profile to AirFlo's AirShelf version allows retailers to merchandise additional product, using the same amount of vertical space as before. Also by using ThinLine shelving with AirShelves allows retailers to transition from their wet sections to dry sections keeping the same profile throughout their sets.

As of May 2023 we have added ThinLine for Frozen department with new sizes available! Increase your vertical space by reducing shelf profile. From 3.5" to .5" allowing you to add an additional shelf to your case per door case. This allows you to maximize pack-out and hold all SKU's that are necessary. Merchandising with ThinLine shelves allows customers to see product packaging vs shelf profiles. Thinnest shelf in the market today!

Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 2.50.34 PM

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