fresh produce for grocery store

Since the start of COVID-19, more and more families choose to cook from home rather than eating out at restaurants. The incredible increase in grocery store's foot traffic is amazing, and also creates concerns for the increased demand for sanitation and food safety in these stores. Creating a clean, safe and impactful department is the number one driving force for consumers to choose their shopping grocery store.

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Our suggestions for sanitation of refrigerated cases and AirFlo equipment is as follows: Clean produce case in 4’ sections on a rotating basis every week. This assures that the case is cleaned on a regular basis.

  1. Remove all produce items in the 4' section and place in cooler.
  2. Dismantle all display fixtures (racks, shelving, etc..) and wash in back room with a non-abrasive soap solution. Rinse and allow to dry in the backroom.
  3. Scrub case back wall and base down to the fans with nylon brush and degreasing soap solution.
  4. Rinse entire section with water and allow to dry.
  5. Spray with a sanitizer and allow to dry.

Installing equipment from AirFlo Merchandising Systems allows for ease of shelving and racking removal, cleaning and reinstallation of merchandising equipment and product. Most AirFlo equipment is made from anodized aluminum products that will not rust, peel, chip or flake. Our unique dying technique physically becomes part of the aluminum at the molecular structure. It is not a coating or paint that will rust or corrode unlike other materials. AirFlo merchandising products are ideal for produce wet sections, cut vegetables and cut fruit sections, meat departments with purge, seafood areas, and basically anywhere in fresh departments that have misting systems or scheduled defrost times.  

By installing AirFlo Merchandising Systems, you fresh merchandisers are able to eliminate expensive, labor intensive case liners, providing a clean and sanitary environment.

AirFlo prides ourselves in creating a product that helps the retailer quickly and successfully clean and sanitize their equipment efficiently and thoroughly so you can focus on your customers.

AirFlo Merchandising Systems would also like to recognize the growers, distribution employees, grocery retailers, managers and employees for their hard work, continued presence, and personal risk they undergo for themselves and their families throughout COVID-19.

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