Produce Display Alternatives for Apple Crates

Are your department store apple crates outdated and lacking the fresh, healthy look your produce has? If so, it’s likely time to upgrade to give your products a premier look

Apples Make a Big Impact 

Apples are one of the most valuable fruit crops in the United States, totaling more than $3.9 billion in sales for 2020. These lucrative fruits are great, year-round produce options for department and grocery stores to offer their customers. 

Apples are also one of the more diverse fruit families in a grocery store, with over twenty varieties commonly stocked, from the classic granny smith and honey crisp to the unique pink lady and RubyFrost apples. When it comes to stocking apples in your product display stands, there are a few key things to remember:

  • Apples should always be refrigerated to maintain freshness

  • Never dump or place apples in display stands to avoid bruising them

  • Always keep your product display stands stocked and remove damaged or rotten apples

Alternatives to Standard Apple Crates

Apples aren’t the only things that come in diverse colors, shapes, and sizes. The produce displays that house them also vary in size, shape, and, most importantly, quality. 

The apples you sell at your grocery or department store are only as good as the display stands that hold them. That’s why it’s essential to put thought and research into evaluating your options. If it’s time to upgrade your apple produce displays from standard apple crates and apple display tables, consider the following options: 

Multi-Tiered POD Shelving

Multi tiered POD shelving

Multi-tiered POD merchandising systems create unique half-moon curved shelves that dramatically improve category management while creating an eye-catching produce display section. POD shelving is ideal for highlighting and defining apple sections, as well as stone fruit, small cooking vegetables, and exotic and seasonal fruits. These systems provide more variety while increasing SKU and display tag visibility without increasing product shrink or inventory expenses. 

Half POD fence shelving

Half POD Fence Shelving

Half POD Fence shelving helps retain larger apples on a POD shelf while not interfering with the display itself. They also work great for stone fruits, pear sets, various kinds of cheese, and cooking vegetable displays. You can even distinguish between organic and conventional varieties with easy-to-use labeling fences that fit on the shelves.

Curved Bulk Display Bins

Curved bulk display bins

Curved bulk display bins offer the same eye-catching produce highlight features as pods shelving but with added strength to store larger quantities of apples. These innovative displays are self-contained with their own mounting bars to support the weight of your products. In addition to bulk supplies of apples, these pieces are great for storing potatoes, large quantities of cooking vegetables, root vegetables, and citrus fruits. 

Merchandising Solutions That Drive Sales

Proper apple merchandising displays will help your stores create a customer experience that makes you their retailer of choice. Our solutions utilize color, lighting, and product placement to increase sales and reduce labor. Each Carlson AirFlo display option helps instantly cool your apples, increases shelf life, and reduces shrink. We also provide LED lighting systems with all fixturing to make your products stand out. 

When it comes to creating solutions that build your brand and keep your customers returning, trust the industry experts with over 47 years of experience at AirFlo. Contact us today for a quote or to learn more about produce display alternatives to apple crates. 

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