Packaged & Fresh Cut Produce Displays, How to Merchandise This Growing Trend?

One of the fastest growing and most profitable areas for the produce department is the packaged and fresh cut produce displays. Properly merchandising this section for optimum sales can be fun, yet challenging depending on the time of year as customer trends change and evolve.

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Whether you are merchandising cups, clam shells, or wrapped trays, there are plenty of options available for outstanding merchandising presentation. One of the best look for merchandising fresh cut is a “Wall of Fresh”. This creates a visually impactful display and shouts fresh cut to your customers. With this growing trend of fresh cut vegetables and fresh cut fruit, AirFlo's Glide RollerShelf is ideal for facing this product. Using Glide RollerShelving leaves this section always well merchandise, selection always front faced and in a salable position. Due to its lane management and versatility it can accommodate any width or shape of packaging on your shelves.

For merchandising clam shell or tray products, we recommend Elite LED Self Facer by AirFlo. This spring loaded display will ensure that the products stay faced throughout the day and the LED display light captures the bold colors of the product, attracting your customers' attention.

When merchandising cupped items, AirShelf by AirFlo is the best option. For the most visually impactful display, try ribboning the colors from the top of the case to the bottom. Using colors throughout the department is a great way to separate products and create visually stunning displays. Try to take away dark areas or gaps between the shelving for the best look. Again, LED lighting will definitely add to the attractiveness of the produce display. Adding customized acrylic fence will aid in product callout and attractiveness of set.

Merchandising larger fruit and vegetable trays, along with watermelon cuts in the base of the case on a step rack can add to the visual appeal. Sampling allows the customers to try items before buying. This also creates theatre in the department and drives interactions with customers.

Utilizing ice bins outside of the produce department, possibly by the check stands, can drive incremental sales. Remember, the more you can excite the customers senses, the more you can sell and leave a lasting impression on current and future customers!

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