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Discount, Premium, or Mid-Range Retailer? With so many retail formats throughout the world, customers have ample choices of where to spend their money.

plant based food for grocery storesHaving impactful perishable departments, regardless of your overall business plan and customer base, can be a key factor in inventory movement and driving sales.

Our experience and expertise allows us to provide unique insight into installation of equipment for most refrigerated cases available. Our expertise in produce displays will help prominently position and display fresh products to prospective buyers in no time. Purchasing new display equipment to install in your cases can change the look of a department overnight. Create customer excitement, interest and therefore additional selections with ongoing repeat visits.

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As a full service merchandising company with shelf management, produce display racks, display bins, produce displays, gravity bins and many store shelf display items. Here are a few items that can add instant impact to your perishable presentation.

  • LED Lighting:  It’s no secret, LED is a growing trend throughout the industry. LED will add vibrancy to the colors of any display. Anytime you add to the visual appearance and experience of a customer, chances are you’re selling more and making a positive impression to the consumer behavior. By adding lighting, will showcase the color of the product or the packaging giving the visual excitement to catch the customers' eye.
  • Differentiate Organics | Plant Based:  Organics and Plant Based products have grown exponentially over the past several years. Creating organic | plant based destination sets is a great way to call this out to your customers. Adding visual cues for the customer is a plus, whether using POS material or colored Plexiglas fencing. Getting credit for the amount of organic and plant based selections that you offer, will bring customers back or encourage first time purchases that will increase basket sizes. Merchandising displays that include category dividers, fencing, canopies and self facing product fences, in edge lit acrylic, showcases to your customer the abundant SKUs in this category.
  • Auto Facing Displays:  Spring loaded display pushers and gravity feed displays increase the overall look of a department 24/7. The advantages of increased sales with product always well-faced and accessible to your customers. With labor costs rising, investing in self facing shelf management equipment helps decrease labor needed to face products throughout the store, allowing for merchandisers to focus more on customer needs. Self facing displays ensures the customer of product availability so you do not give trial to one of your competitors.
  • Replace Shelving:  Removing dated shelving and replacing with other specialized equipment can dramatically change the look of a department, inviting first time buyers, and changing consumer behaviors to try additional products. Shelving that is thin and sleek in design allows you to add additional rows of product to your existing cases. Having shelving that is clean, chip and scratch free adds to your brand's image.

A premier looking department is easily achievable in any type of retail format by AirFlo.

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